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Fic: You Are My 'Sunshine'
You Are My 'Sunshine'

Just call me Sunshine. That's the nickname the boys made for me when I started staying with them. They said Sunshine because I was always happy and sweet. How It all started was I ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage,and a two mean step sisters.

But soon when I met the newsies,I met Mush.And that wasn't the only time I ever saw him,I saw him in the Bowery. Talking to some Bowery newsies about a newspaper strike. But when I met him It was instantly a crush.

It was a beautiful night in Central Park. Fire flies were lighting up the night. Mush and I went to Central Park a lot to take a stroll around. All the Newsies keep on telling me that he likes me,because that's was he does when he likes a girl.

I do believe them, but I want to make sure It's true. Not willing to risk everything if it were all just some game.

"It's a pretty night" I said as I caught a fire fly in my hands,Then I gently let it go.

"Yeah,It is" Mush added with a smile.

As some time went by,we started chasing fire flies and catching them,then letting them go. I walked over,near a bench. All of a sudden I felt two arms,wrap around my waist. When I looked,It was Mush.

"Why hello,Mr Meyers" I said with a laugh.

Mush smiled at me sweetly "Well, hello there, Miss." He said, tipping his hat teasingly.

"Can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Sure" he answered.

I took a little deep breath,"Do you feel the same way,that I feel about you?" I asked, as I looked into his brown eyes for a reaction.

Mush smiled,"Yes...I'se Love you, Sunshine" He said to me. Then he got out from behind me,and got in front of me.

He wrapped his arms back around my waist;and kissed me.Then he broke the kiss,"Would you be my Goil?" he asked me, stroking my cheek.

All of a sudden I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach,I started to blush.

"Yes" I answered, feeling like all I wanted to do was cry.

We decided to go back to the lodging house.When we got there the boys turned their heads and began to tease us with things like love birds, lovers, or what were you two doing,huh?. But we ignored them.

Mush just grabbed my hand and kissed me right on the lips, in front of the guys."Woooohh!!" they all yelled as they laughed and smiled.

The End

Fic: Heaven's Got Ya Now
Newsies, Jewel

Heaven's Got Ya Now

It was the day after Melissa Anne Hudson,(or better known by the name of Nails)died. Her fiancée Mush was in total heart break,all he did was cry and sleep all day.

"C'mon Mush!" Blink said,trying to get him to get outside and sell papes.

"Nah ..go on with out me" Mush said gloomily as he rolled back over and tried to fall asleep again. Mush missed Nails so much,you would of thought that they would never get along because they were opposites,but they loved each other.

Nails was more of a tough chick,than most girls. She was spots 2nd in command,and that is how her nickname was born!. But Mush,he was always real "Mushy" he took girls to the park and every girl that met him,fell head over heels in love,with him.

When Nails and Mush met,Mush thought she was an angel,But Nails thought he was a bit too sensitive for her,and too much of a softy. But he grew on her,and she loved him forever.

As Mush sat there,staring at the ceiling. He heard the door open,then close,then footsteps walking over too him.

"Hey Mush!" Jewel said,giving him a cheery smiled.

Jewel felt a little sad that Nails died,but they never got along because they both liked Mush.

"Hi,Jewel" He said,not even looking at her.

"Aw you still sad about Nails?" Jewel asked,as she climbed up into the bunk and sat beside him.

"Yes,Jewel...I am" He said sounding a little aggravated.

"Listen Mush,I don't like to see you like this...I'm so used to seeing you cheerful and smiling. I know your sad because of Nails but she is in a better place,were no one else can hurt her". Jewel said,as she held his hand.

"But I want her here,with me" He pouted,still not looking at Jewel.

"Mush! please look at me!" she begged,"Please! please please!" She sighed.

Then, Mush rolled over,in his bed and faced Jewel. "There,you got your wish!" He spat back.

"Mush! you have to listen to me! I know Nails and you were in love,but..she was more possessive and she even cheated on you! She kinda hurt you!,remember? you told me and Kid everything!"Jewel said,still trying to open Mush's eyes.

"I's know that!" He said,rolling his brown eyes.

Jewel huffed and rolled her's too,"Mush! I need to tell you something! It's been eatin' at me for months!".

Now this made Mush looked a bit interested in the conversation,he decided to keep his eyes on Jewel. "I'm listening. Go ahead" He said, a small smile on his face.

Jewel sighed. "I like you a lot!. I know that I kinda been with most of the guys in this lodging house,but you have always been my favorite. I kinda got a little jealous when you and Nails got engaged, a-and that's why I acted out just a bit,but..." Just then Jewel was interrupted,by Mush's lips on hers.

His arms snaked around her waist as he held her close. Jewel was in total awe. Then Mush broke the kiss.

"What was that for?" She asked,giggling a little.

Mush smiled,"Thank you, for talking this out to me and everything,and..you were always my favorite,too(along with Nails)" he said.

Fic: Under The Brooklyn Moon
Newsies, Jewel
Title: Under the Brooklyn Moon
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Spot/Rini
Note: This is dedicated to my BFF and Co-owner, Rhianna.

Scene 1

It was already dark at the Brooklyn Lodging House when Spot Conlon awoke from his sleep in his private room.

He got up out of bed to check on everyone in their bunks. As he went into the bunk room, he saw that everyone was fast asleep.

But, he was worried when he came to the bottom bunk that belonged to the new girl, Rhianna, or Rini as he liked to call her.

Spot saw that her bunk was empty, and that made him worried. He began to leave the bunkroom to check the other areas of the house.
As he walked around the house, he began to get frantic. He had no idea where she could've gone.

The last place he had to check was outside by the pier. But he only hoped that she was actually there. He checked the clock in the lobby...it read 230am.

'Damn, it's late...Where could she have gone?' Spot thought to himself.

He went outside suddenly, and decided to light up a cigarette. When he lit it, he looked into the distance towards the pier. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. He began to walk closer to the figure that was standing on the edge of the pier.

When he got halfway down, he saw that the silhouette belonged to Rini. Spot heaved a sigh of relief.

"Rini? Is that you down there?" He called out to her just to make sure.

The silhouette turned, and it was Rini. She looked beautiful in the moonlight, still dressed in her crisp white nightgown. Her long brown hair flowing down her shoulders.

Spot thought she looked like an angel like this. He finally got to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"Hey Rini." He whispered into her ear as he held her tighter a little bit.

For months, eversince Rini had transferred to his Lodging House, Spot had grown an admiration for her, and they had been having a secret thing for about a 2 weeks now.

He felt Rini's hands cover his as she lowered her head a bit.

"Hey Spot...I'm sorry if I'm out here so late...I couldn't sleep at all." Rini whispered back.

Spot somehow sensed that something was distressing Rini, and he wondered what it is. He turned her around in his arms. His blue eyes widened as he saw that she had tears in her eyes.

"Jesus...Rini, what's wrong? Are you alright?" He asked her, stroking her hair.

Rini stared back at Spot, reaching up to dry her tears from her eyes. "I don't know...I guess I just miss my family and all." She sighed.

Spot sighed "I know how you feel, doll." He whispered back to her.

But it was a bit of a lie. The truth is...Spot never really knew his father and his mother died when he was still a baby. The only family he still had left was his twin sister Maria, and she had been taken away from him when they were 6.

Rini nodded "Sometimes I wish I had never left them behind in Canada." She sighed.

Spot nodded also "I understand baby. It's okay though. You have all of us now. You have Nails, Jewel, Bandit, Banshee, and the others...and of course you'll always have me." He said.

Rini looked up at him again, a sudden smile crossing her face through her dried tears. "I know I'll always have you, Spot." She told him.

Spot reached up to touch her face, and he smiled slightly at her. He figured he had to tell her the truth sooner or later.

"Rini...Listen to me very carefully. I've gotta confession to make to ya." He said to her.

Rini looked at him curiously, and tilted her head to the side. "Well...What is it, Spot?" She asked.

Spot sighed. He was nervous as hell, cause he's never had to tell anyone what he was about to say.

"Listen Rini, I gotta tell ya. These last 2 weeks have been a dream so far. I think you are the most perfect girl. You brought me out of my funk when Jewel and I broke up. You made me feel loved. I've never entirely said this to a girl's face before but...Rini, I love you." He said to her.

Suddenly, it was right then and there that Rini stood silent, looking at Spot in shock.

Then, when she finally found her voice again. "Spot...I don't know what to say. I've only ever loved one man in my life...and he's somewhere...I have no idea where." She said.

Spot smiled "So, does that mean you love me back?" He asked her with a smile and a laugh.

Rini looked down and then back up again. She then smiled and threw herself in his arms, wrapping him in a hug. "I love you too, Spot" she whispered.

Spot pulled Rini back, and smiled at her. Then without another word between them, they slowly closed the distance between them until their lips came together in a passionate kiss.

Suddenly, their hands were exploring each other as they kissed. Spot had so much wanted to make love to Rini. They had had sex a few times over the last 2 weeks, but this time it was to be special...because now it would be done out of true love.

When Spot broke the kiss, he brought his lips to Rini's ear "I wanna make love to you baby...but not here." He said, taking her hand and leading her back inside the house.

When they finally got back inside the house, Spot brought Rini up to his bedroom, and began to kiss her again. He then moved his lips down to her neck.

Rini moaned softly, and threw her head back. "Oh Spot...that feels so good." She moaned.

Spot moaned his reply back as he began to drag her nightgown down as he let it hit the floor. He smiled as he dragged his lips down her. body, past her breasts. He took one into his mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Rini moaned a little louder as she gripped onto his head. "Spot...I...I..Ughhh Oh God." She moaned again.

It was true...she and Spot had done this together plenty recently, but for some reason...it felt different to her this time.

Spot then took a hold of Rini and laid her down on the bed. He sat up and began to strip off the rest of his clothes. He looked down and smiled at Rini.

Rini suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist, and took a deep breath.

Spot leaned down to kiss her, and very slowly and gently, he began to enter her. He began to thrust in and out of her gently.

Rini moaned and began to move with him. She loved how he felt inside of her "Oh Spot..you're so big. I love it." She sighed.

Spot covered her body with his own and kissed her again, and continued to thrust into her some more. He moaned "You feel so wet and warm inside baby." He said.

It was only after a few more minutes, that Rini finally moaned louder "Spot, I'm gonna come baby. I...I'm gonna come." She said against his shoulder.

Spot moaned "Ughh...me too baby. Oh god, you're so hot." He said, holding onto her.

Then with a few more thrusts from both Rini and Spot...Both of them moaned, and suddenly began to ride out their mutual orgasm together.

When that was done, Spot collapsed next to Rini, and covered them both up with a blanket.

"Oh wow, you're amazing." Spot sighed as he held Rini close to him in his arms.

Rini snuggled close to him, burying her face in his neck. "Mmmmm...you're amazing too...as always. But this felt different from the last few other times." She said.

Spot kissed her neck and her forehead. "I love you, Rini." He whispered.

Rini smiled. "I love you too, Spot." She said with a giggle.

Spot finally took Rini closer to him, and kissed her on the lips again in a passionate way.

Then they fell asleep in each other's arms for the rest of the morning as the sun began to come up.

The End. :)

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Title: The Pain I've Caused You
Pairing: Itey\Rini
Author: Rhianna Gretano

This story is in Itey's point of view, it's the night before he leaves Canada...and Rini, to go live in New York, it's also the night after he threw a table lamp at her out of anger, and he's feeling as guilty as ever about everything he's done to her over the two years they've been together.

I sat quietly on the couch as I watched Rini sleep, her head resting on my legs. My hand gently touched her face as I saw the cuts

and bruises that I had given her the day before. "I never meant to hurt you..." I whispered "I'm so sorry". I never understood how she

stayed with me, I hurt her so much, mentally and physically, yet she still felt safe in my arms.

I held her tightly and kissed her lips, which seemed to wake her up. She smiled up at me faintly, her mouth must've still hurt badly

from where the lamp had hit. She sat up and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me back. I wrapped my arms around her as we

began to make out, her tongue felt warm inside my mouth. I laid her down gently, never breaking the kiss, she moaned softly into it

as she ran her hands up and down my back.

Suddenly I felt hot tears falling from my eyes and onto her face. She pulled away and ran her fingers through my hair "what's the

matter, sweetheart?" she asked, I sniffled and buried my face in her shirt "I don't want to leave you..." I mumbled, she latched onto

me as the last word came out of my mouth. "I don't want you to leave either..." she said, I could hear her voice cracking "but you

have to, you have no other choice". I nodded, my face still pressed onto her shirt "I know, but it kills me, I've caused you so much

pain over the last two years, and now I can't even make up for it...now I'm just packing up and leaving for New York" . She sighed

and picked my face up to meet hers, her eyes looked into mine lovingly and she smiled sweetly "why don't you just make it up to

me right now?" she asked, before crashing her lips onto mine passionately. I moaned at the touch of her lips and covered her body

completely with mine. I pressed my mouth against her ear and whispered "I love you..." softly into it before making love to her one

last time.

Newsies Children

These are all of the children that the Newsies have had in our scenes\stories, these children are even part of a series of scenes\stories we do that occur in the future .

Name: Belinda

Father: Specs    
Mother: Jewel Kent
Siblings: Nicole Meyers and Leanna Meyers (Half-sisters)
Hair: Blonde         Eyes: Green

Name: Allison Jacobs Father: David  Jacobs M other: Rini Renfro Siblings: Karchy Jacobs (Twin Brother), Victor Renfro (Half-Brother), Dominic Conlon (Half-Brother), Alexander Jacobs (Brother) Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue    Name: Karchy Jacobs Father: David Jacobs Mother: Rini Renfro Siblings: Allison Jacobs (Twin Sister), Victor Renfro (Half-Brother), Dominic Conlon (Half-Brother), Alexander Jacobs (Brother) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Name: Layla Macdonald Father: Snipeshooter Mother: Trina Macdonald Siblings: None Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Name: Justin Leighton Father: Dutchy Mother: Vanessa Leighton Siblings: Charlotte Leighton (Sister-Triplet), Patricia Leighton (Sister-Triplet) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Name: Victor Renfro Father: Itey Mother: Rini Renfro Siblings: Karchy Jacobs (Half-Brother), Allison Jacobs (Half-Sister), Dominic Conlon (Half-Brother), Alexander Jacobs (Half-Brother), Juanita (Half-Sister) Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Name: Dominic Conlon Father: Spot Conlon Mother: Rini Renfro Siblings: Karchy Jacobs (Half-Brother), Allison Jacobs (Half-Sister), Victor Renfro (Half-Brother), Alexander Jacobs (Half-Brother) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Name: Charlotte Father: Dutchy Mother: Vanessa Leighton Siblings: Justin Leighton (Brother-Triplet), Patricia Leighton (Sister-Triplet) Hair: Blond Eyes: Brown Name: Patricia Leighton Father: Dutchy Mother: Vanessa Leighton Siblings: Justin Leighton (Brother-Triplet), Charlotte Leighton (Sister-Triplet) Hair: Blond Eyes: Brown

Name: Francis Kelly
Father: Jack Kelly M
other: Miranda Woodrow S
iblings: None Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Name: Juanita De La Cruz
Father: Itey
Mother: Butter
Siblings: Victor Renfro (Half-Brother) Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Name: Alexander Jacobs
Father: David Jacobs
Mother: Rini Renfro
Siblings: Karchy Jacobs(Brother), Allison Jacobs (Sister), Dominic Conlon (Half-Brother), Victor Renfro (Half-Brother)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Name: Adam Delancey Father: Oscar Delancey Mother: Rosalie Siblings: None Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Name: Andrew Father: Kid Blink Mother: Bandit Siblings: Kevin (Twin Brother) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Name: Kevin Father: Kid Blink Mother: Bandit Siblings: Andrew (Twin Brother) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Name: Nicole Jean Meyers Age: 14 Father: Mush Meyers Mother: Nails Hudson-Meyers Siblings: Leanna Meyers (Half-sister) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Name: Leanna Michelle Meyers Age:19 Father: Mush Meyers Mother: Jewel Kent Siblings: Belinda Kent (half-sister)  Nicole Meyers (Half-sister) Hair: Red Eyes: Green

Name: Anastasia Marshall Age: 12 Father: Jacob Boudreaux Mother: Serena Marshall Siblings: None Hair: Black Eyes: Blue

Newsies Short Scenes #2
Title: Sweet Child of Mine
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Specs sits and talks to his and Jewel's baby daughter.
Scene 1
Specs' POV
         So, Little Belle... You wanna know about your mother? Well, Julianne...or 'Jewel' as she was known as to us boys. She was a woman to be reckoned with.

        She wasn't always with me though...she used to be in Brooklyn with another group of Newsies...and their leader Spot Conlon. Her and Spot were together for 3 years, but things went wrong between them a lot.

       You probably won't remember much of what I'm gonna tell ya, but your mother did some pretty mean things to Spot.  She had other men in her life, people who she thought loved her. Little did she know... Nobody loved her more than I did.

      I used to have a girl named Julia, but we called her Slip because she was a clumsy thing. She was a moron first class. I hate to talk about someone like that, but she was stupid. She and I broke up because I told her I was in love with your mother.

     Man, did I almost blow it with your mother. At first...everything was good. I confessed to your mother how much I loved her.

    Little did I know that the night she and I decided to make love on the roof...was the night we conceived you. We were scared at the time...cause we didn't know what the future would hold for us.

    Belinda Rose... I won't lie to you. Your mother was a bad influence on some, but when she got pregnant with you... I refused to believe you were mine. Oh man... I screwed up badly.

    The day your mom came to me and told me she was pregnant with you... I yelled at her, and said some very hurtful things to her, then I ran off on her, ignoring her yelling at me.

   The next thing I know, I'm getting tracked down hours later by Sassy, Mush and Minx...and they told me that your mother was in danger of losing you, and is laying at the local clinic in a bloody mess. I rushed there with them, only to find Catty and Jack there both covered in your mom's blood.

   Then the doctor came out, and told me your mother had died...and almost lost you in the process. When I found out that you had survived... I was in shock. Then the Doctor took me to see you. Oh Belinda...you were the most beautiful child I had ever laid eyes on.

   Now...it's been a whole month since your mom had been gone...and tomorrow...I will have another reason to remember her.

  Belinda...tomorrow your God Parents are getting married... Uncle David and Aunt Rhianna...I'd say it's about time..

  But, just remember this... What I was saying about your mother before. Some would say she was a bad influence...some would say she loved a little TOO much. But as for me... I loved her more than life itself.

Title: Wants and Needs
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Itey/Butter
Rating: R
Summary: Itey and Butter have an intimate night together in hopes of a miracle occurring.
Scene 1
      It was late at the Lodging House as Fifteen year old Juanita De La Cruz (aka: Butter) stood by the big window in the Lobby. She had one cigarette in her left hand and a glass of water in the other. She watched as the rain came down outside. It was an awful night out, and lots of things were making Butter's mind reeling.

     A sudden chill inside the house made Butter close the long black robe she wore with her black corset underneath. She had no idea where the breeze had come from.

    She turned back to the window, she sighed to herself.

    "God...every night the weather here gets worse and worse." She said aloud to herself.

   "You keep talking to yourself like that...people are gonna think you're crazy." A voice said from behind her.

   Butter jumped and turned towards the voice. It was her boyfriend Itey. She hit him playfully. "Carajo! You scared the shit out of me." She said with a smile. "By the way, I am not crazy." She added, taking a drag out of her cigarette.

   Itey laughed "You are too crazy." He said to her, a smile gracing his face..

   Butter smiled and shook her head. "No, baby. You are the one who's crazy." She said, putting out her cigarette.

   Itey pulled her flush against the chest, and held her tightly. "I'm crazy alright, chiquita. Crazy for you." She said.

  Butter smiled and leaned in to kiss Itey passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

  When she pulled away, Butter had a smile on her face. Just then her face turned serious. "Itey, can I ask you a question?" She asked.

  Itey nodded "Yes baby... You can ask me anything. What's on that pretty mind?" He asked her.

  Butter sighed, still in Itey's embrace. "If I were to ever get pregnant... Would you be there for me?" She asked him.

  Itey smiled "Of course I would be there for you." He said.

The Kent sisters

Jewel's Tombstone

Just the Way You Are (PG-13)
Title: Just The Way You Are
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Skittery/Catty
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Skittery thinks about what his life has been like with Catty over the last year as they lay in bed together.
Skittery's POV
I can feel her breathing slowly beside me, her chest rising and falling as she slept. I couldn't help but watch her sleep in the darkness of this bunk room.

Usually, the girls sleep in a separate room upstairs, but I couldn't have her so far away from me.

Ask me what you want about what it's like to be with a wonderful girl like Catty. She was away from me for 11 long years since we were 6...and when I had discovered that she had been working under my nose as a newsie the whole time...all I could think about was getting her back.

I will still never forget the Christmas Party at Irving Hall last year. That's when Catty and I officially saw each other again. It was a beautiful reunion, and that night...I asked her to be my girl. An offer which she gladly accepted.

We've been together for almost 2 years, and I couldn't be happier. She's so beautiful to me. As I lay here behind her, she lies with her back to me, her long brown hair hanging down her back.

I imagine what the morning will be like...her eyes will open so that I can see the specks of sapphire light behind her eyelids as she turns to me and smiles. She is the beauty of the Bowery, and the love of my life.

Before I found Catty again, I was a pessimistic asshole. You couldn't get a smile out of me for anything...and then everything changed.

Catty taught me how to smile again, how to be happy again, and for that? I will be forever grateful.

I asked her to marry me about a month ago, and she accepted my proposal that night, making me the happiest man in New York.

We maybe only Seventeen years old apiece...But given the opportunity, I would marry her tomorrow if anyone didn't object.

Ask any newsie..any -one- newsie in Manhattan to tell you the story of how Eric James and Catherine Sinclair, two orphans without a prayer in the world, met and became friends. Nobody knows that story.

They would tell you a different story entirely. They would tell you the story of Skittery and Catty...two newsies from Manhattan, who met, became friends...and fell in love.


The Jewel Series
Okay....For all of you who are wondering about how my character Jewel ever got the way she is now... Check out the summaries to these 3 stories. Full stories to be posted soon.


The "Jewel" Series


Over The Bridge- This is the story of the night Jewel's relationship with Spot took a backseat to her attraction to one of the Manhattan Newsies. RTFO (PG13)


Poker Night- Spot takes Jewel to a Poker Game in Manhattan, and things heat up unexpectedly. RTFO How. (R)


Jeweled Tears- After being caught in the act of cheating, Spot teaches Julianne a lesson in fidelity. (NC-17)

Give It Up- Julianne is transferred to Manhattan, Spot fights with her, Julianne finds out something unexpected that can change her life forever, and she must get to Manhattan to deliver the good news. RTFO More (PG-13)

The full stories will be up soon.

Thanks and Please Comment,

Rachael Keane